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20 September 2010

NEVЯLAND--Suffer the Children Book Trailer

My first attempt at a book trailer.

A bit longer than most book trailers, but I like it. Rather dramatic.

Thank God for LBJ's 1964 fear-mongering ads against Barry Goldwater. I've used the infamous Daisy Ad and the War on Poverty Ad to highlight the book trailer.

I enjoyed putting it together. It took about four different versions before I settled on this one.

One interesting side effect of making the book trailer is that the process of creating a visual interpretation of my story has inspired me to keep going and even generated new ideas and new enthusiasm for the tale.

I'm sure a professional book trailer maker could do a more precise and shorter version, but I still like this first attempt.

Now, back to writing the tale!

Be well.

See you on the bookshelf.

Larry Mike

17 September 2010

Laynie NEVЯLAND Code Solved: 2 Prizes Left!

NEVЯLANDer Teresa R. has solved the code Laynie uses in the sub-headings to tell her story.

NEVЯLAND SteinShe gets the one-of-a-kind NEVЯLAND Stein.

Several others are close but not quite there yet.

I'm still waiting for the second and third NEVЯLANDers to solve Laynie's code.

The second NEVЯLANDer to solve the code will a receive nifty one-of-a-kind signed NEVЯLAND t-shirt.

The third NEVЯLANDer to solve the code will receive a nifty one-of-a-kind signed NEVЯLAND mouse pad.

I'll post pics of the mouse pad and t-shirt soon.

You can join the NEVЯLAND Facebook Group by ticking HERE

I appreciate those of you who have taken an interest in this.

Remember, TWO MORE PRIZES are offered--so don't give up!

See you on the bookshelf!

Be well,
Larry Mike

14 September 2010

NEVRLAND: Suffer the Children, Chapters 01-04, now on Scribd

NEVRLAND: Suffer the ChildrenNEVRLAND: Suffer the Children, Chapters 01-04, now on Scribd

NEVRLAND--Part 01: Rapture--Chapter 04

NEVRLAND--Part 01: Rapture--Chapter 04

Submitted for your approval.

Be well,

Larry Mike

11 September 2010 Suite: A Convert Explains His Conversion

I'm a recent convert to's suite of office programs. I'm slowly weaning myself off any and all Microsoft Office programs, and this includes PowerPoint and Excel.

Read the rest of the blog at

06 September 2010

New Post at; Chap 03 on

Dear Curious Reader,

As I have previously stated, I have simplified my life by combining my website, Talewright blog, and NEVЯLAND blog into one.

Larry Mike Garmon Official Domain
I've turned my website into a WordPress blog.

My life is so much simpler now.

Tick the image or my name to be taken there:

You can subscribe from there.

The new web/WordPress site also contains NEVЯLAND news and excerpts.

New NEVЯLAND Website Look:

I've added a second Theme Song as well: "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep". This is really a creepy song about a boy (Baby Don) who goes to sleep hearing his mother singing a song and then awakens the next day to find both Momma and Poppa are gone "far, far away". The reason it's creepy for me is because it's such an upbeat, happy song for such a terrifying situation, especially for a child!

NEVЯLAND Excerpts:

I'm posting NEVЯLAND excepts on my website and also through

Just go to and you'll see the excerpt posting in the middle column labeled Recent Musings.

for the version.

Hope you and those for whom you care and love are happy and healthy.

See you the bookshelves.

Larry Mike

22 August 2010

Posting to Website

To simplify my life, I'm posting both the Talewright and NEVЯLAND blogs on my website.

This will also prevent me from duplicating blogs.

Basically, it boils down to this: Do I want to be blogger or a writer?

The answer is simple.

So, if you check here, you won't find blogs newer than this one.

Instead, tick
HERE to go to the Official Domain to read the latest blogs about the writing life (Talewright) and for news about and the progress of my WIP, NEVЯLAND.

See you on the bookshelves.

Larry Mike